Special Issue: Frontiers in sustainability research


Sustainability has been consolidated as an important scientific field and essential for the long-term development. The special issue aims to point out the paths of scientific research in sustainability and its frontiers of knowledge.

 Main topics:

- Research methods in sustainability
- Sustainability Indicators
- Climate change
- Environmental behavior
- Circular economy
- Cleaner production
- Environment and innovation
- Sustainable development.

Papers must be in English and submitted between August 12th and October 17th, 2021.

The following articles will be accepted:
a) Scientific papers - resulting from research and other studies carried out with an interface in the focus and scope of the special issue;
b) Essays - reflective, analytical, and critical texts, constructed in a logical, coherent, and opinionated manner.
Papers that use systematic reviews, scope reviews, bibliometrics, among other studies may be submitted in this section.