Breeding system in Schlumbergera truncata (How) Mor. (Cactaceae), Jundiaí-SP

Valéria Regina Salla, Rodolfo Antônio de Figueiredo


The breeding system of the epiphytic cactus are little known. This study was the first made in Brazil, to verify the existence of self-incompatibility in Schlumbergera truncata. This cactus is used ornamentally and the study was carried out in a urban district in Jundiaí – SP. Hand pollination was done to test self-pollination and outcrossing, and flowers were maintained as control. None of the self-pollinated flowers did developed fruits and seeds; while 92.3% of outcrossed flowers only one control flower developed fruit, indicating that in urban habitats the pollination is difficult. Truncata shows self-incompatibility; the breeding system being obligatorily outcrossed. The reproduction of S. truncata inside cities would only be possible through cross-pollination mediated by hummingbirds.

Key words: Schlumbergera truncata, Cactaceae, breeding system, Brazil, morphology.

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